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Alpine Revolving Slope – the best indoor ski facility

Our ski simulators give your customers the best opportunity to prepare for their holiday. This dry ski slope makes it possible to descend endlessly. The revolving ski slope is therefore perfect for your customers to learn the basics of skiing or to be used for training exercises for advanced skiers. The Alpine Revolving Slope is made of galvanized steel, powder coated railings and equipped with our high quality Pole-Snow ski grass for a real snow experience.

New: a large foldable ski slope

Now available: the moveable ARS5090. This slope has a ski area of 5x9 meters and can quickly and easily be broken down, moved and installed again. Folded it fits in a 40ft high Cube container. It can be assembled in 1 day, which makes it perfect for temporary / seasonal locations. 

ARS 5090 M


This is how the Alpine Revolving Slope works

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