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Alpine Portable Slope

Available now

Ski or board anywhere you want! This innovation from Alpine Engineering has been developed after several requests. The Portable Slope is a ski simulator that can be folded and put on a trailer. This makes it easy to access different locations. As the direction of the movement of the surface can be turned around, it makes is possible to train uphill sports as well.  

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The Portable Slope can be folded and put on a trailer. This mobility makes it easy to use it for different purposes, like trainings, demonstrations, promotions, shows and events. 
The Portable Slope was developed to teach, train, and demonstrate the (basic) movements of several sports. The movement of the slope can go in both directions, to make it possible to train for downhill and uphill sports. The slope can be used for skiing and boarding, or cycling, mountainbiking, hiking, cross country skiing.

The surface is covered with Pole-Snow skigrass for snow sports. For cycling and hiking it's a synthetic surface.