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Alpine Revolving Slope – the best indoor ski simulator

Give your customers the best opportunity to prepare for their winter holidays on our Alpine Revolving Slope. This ski simulator makes it possible to descend endlessly.

Now available: a large moveable Alpine Revolving Slope, which can quickly and easily be broken down, moved and installed again.

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Alpine Portable Slope

The Portable Slope is a foldable ski simulator, which makes it possible to exercise endlessly, anywhere you want. It is suitable for several uphill and downhill sports like skiing, snowboarding, cycling, cross country skiing. It is perfect for shows and events, training sessions, (pop-up) stores etc.

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Ski grass: Pole-Snow with the best snow features

Equip your ski centre with the best ski grass available, Pole-Snow®. This high quality ski grass has been developed especially for indoor skiing.

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Alpine Disc Slope – revolutionary indoor skiing facility

The Alpine Disc Slope is a unique and revolutionary ski slope developed by Alpine Engineering! It combines the endless descent of a ski simulator with a continuous forward movement!

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